Sumber Belajar Bareng

Status : Draft


  1. Roadmap to becoming a React developer in 2018,
  2. React Native,
  3. React,
  4. UIExplorer app,  The UIExplorer is a sample app that showcases React Native views and modules,
  5. Awesome React Native components, news, tools, and learning material!,
  6., Nuclide is built as a single package on top of Atom to provide hackability and the support of an active community.It provides a first-class development environment for React Native, Hack and Flow projects
  7. Code samples for the book Learning React Native.,
  8. Introducing Lottie, Our new open-source tool makes adding animation to native apps a snap,
  9. Publishing React Native App on Android,
  10. The Ultimate Guide to API Design,
  11. React Native Google Map with react-native-maps,
  12. JavaScript code cleanup: how you can refactor to use Classes,
  13. Solar Panel System Management Dashboard (built using React & Redux),

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